Sunday, July 18, 2010

This weekly thing..

Well, as you can see, i haven’t really been active on this website, not that there are many people reading this… by anyways. So i’m going to try and finish that now, with this! Ok now i know i said that i would have lists, but i’ve decided that i will have a weekly wrap sorta thing, which will be totally spontaneous.

Bang Bang Bang by Mark Ronson ft Q-Tip. This is currently my favourite song, it just makes me dance. I have also noticed songs with different languages are becoming not really commercialised, but more frequent *cough* We Speak No Amercano *cough.*

(Note to self: songs in different languages becoming popular? You can say that you were singing in German –Tokio Hotel- before there was ever such a thing called foreign language penetrating radio’s)

Do you know what? Twilight –as in team Edward- have really good sound tracks. On the latest for the Twilight Saga; Eclipse, it features the likes of The Black Keys, super group; The Dead Weather, Florence + The Machine, Vampire Weekend and Muse (full track list here)

Ok, i think that’s enough for me for the moment, and i know what you should do, COMMENT.

Patrick Wolf: The Bachelor – Album Review

I got this album quite a while ago, the 10th of April to be exact, but as i listen to Blackdown;a track off The Bachelor, I feel the need to do an album review, so that’s what I’m going to do, and why not do it on here, this is a music blog after all!
The Bachelor; released on the 1st of June 2009, is Patrick Wolf’s fourth studio album. It is the first part of a double album Battle, in which the Conquer is the second half.
With the opening track Kriegspiel, the album is perceived as an electronic mess, but as it’s 47 second running time ends, it fades into Hard Times; one of the strongest tracks of the LP.
This album has a variation of styles from his usual classical Vs electronic style (The Bachelor and Count Of Casualty) the more deep; both lyrically and music wise (Blackdown and The Sun Is Often Out) and then there are these wonderful Irish highland tracks (Damaris and Thickets)
The Bachelor is like a journey through Irish mountains (yes I do realise that he is from England) on horse back,Ii might add, but I guess that’s what he wanted as he said in an interview with .. ok, iIcan’t find the interview, -how good am I? – but lets go on as if there was a quote there..yet, it is still relevant to the times, in Hard Times Patrick singing “show me some, revolution, and this battle will be won.
In a phrase: Classical, yet relevant.
Rating : three and a half stars.
Words: wolfchildsarah (who else?)